Nicki Minaj is summoning her inner superhero for an upcoming episode of “Steven Universe”! When she’s not dropping it low for the cover of “Anaconda,”…


Kanye West was acting like, well, Kanye while performing at a Cartoon Network/Adult Swim event last night in New York City, when he proclaimed before the hoarded masses of fans that he is not, in fact, a celebrity. See Also: Kanye West’s Top 10 Temper Tantrums So, what are you, Kanye? A musician, he says… All […]

President Obama speaks out against bullying in an upcoming documentary that will air on the Cartoon Network this weekend. The president introduces the 30-minute film calling on students, parents and teachers to take a preventative stand on bullying. Titled “Speak Up,” the documentary marks the Cartoon Network’s first anti-bullying documentary. It also features tennis star […]

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