Tim Horton’s is a rather fine establishment in Canada. People go there, they eat, they have decent conversation. One woman however was so incensed by what she did or did not get by the Tim Horton’s employee at the register that she decided to boo-boo on the floor of the store, fling her feces at […]

T.I. has been on the road promoting his new album with little to no drama at all – until Monday night, that is.

Canada's prime minister calls the Quebec mosque shooting a 'terrorist attack on Muslims.' Two gunmen killed at least six worshippers.


Obama invited president-elect Donald Trump to the White House on Thursday to talk about a “smooth transition of power."

Why are people sleeping on Tory Lanez? This dude sings just as great as he raps. In fact, he can rap circles around a lot of your fav artists that are on the come up. Lanez is truly A Diamond In The Rough. Check out these five songs by him and you won’t be disappointed. […]

The world's sexiest leaders finally meet, hopefully Vice President Joe Biden wasn't caught in his feelings.

The gunman allegedly shot two of his siblings at home before making his way to the school.

A Black man seeking refugee status in Canada found himself returning to the United States after his application was denied last month. Kyle Lydell Canty visited British Columbia last year and decided to stay, citing that police in his native country were essentially targeting Black people and exterminating them. VICE reports: Kyle Lydell Canty said […]

Interscope’s Tory Lanez is definitely on the rise to becoming a household name. He’s a singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer who can give your favorite emcee a run for their money. Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone I thought it’d be cool to put Tory in some sticky situations to see […]

Toronto rapper Redway was killed in a single vehicle car crash on Saturday morning. Two female passengers in the car also lost their lives. The…

While Drake is busy putting the finishing touches on his third album “Nothing Was The Same,” he is also getting his executive on. Drake has…


Our neighbors can’t seem to get along these days. Check out this all out slugfest between Team Mexico & Team Canada. Where are G Man & The Chile when you need them??? Before we point fingers… Follow Us On Twitter! @979TheBox @Kiotti Follow Us On Instagram! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti