I think every person’s worst nightmare is to end up on TMZ. It looked like my mom saw a ghost when I told her that she was on the popular celebrity gossip site. For a split second, I could see the panic on Ms. Kandi Eastman’s face as she wondered which of her secrets were […]

Cupid’s music brings families together so I’m sure he never imagined that he would be the topic of conversation over at TMZ. Over the weekend, he got chased by a bull while he was performing at the Rodeo. I applaud him for finishing his obligation to perform, because i would’ve thrown in the towel after […]

I applaud Cupid for continuing to perform after this incident happened over the weekend. I would have been so shaken up after this that I would have wanted to throw in the towel. A bull is about 2,000 pounds and ain’t the type of animal you wanna play around with. Watch the video below to […]

Chile invites you into the WORLD OF TEXANS TAILGATING. Whooo!!! CANT STOP WONT STOP