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The tenth installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” is here and man ol’ man the internet trolls hold back no punches. The latest installment features Hugh Grant, Ryan Gosling, Melissa McCartney, Margot Robbie, and more. The tweets range from hilarious to scathing and that combined with celebrities reading the bile aimed at […]

With The Infiltrator coming down the pipeline, hitting theaters everywhere on July 13, we wanted to countdown our top 5 actors we loved watching in other classic films as a sarcastic law enforcer. Take a look after the jump… Bryan Cranston is back to being a rebel in his new film THE INFILTRATOR in theaters […]

The film stars Bryan Cranston as Federal Agent Bob Mazur, who goes deep undercover as "slick, money-laundering businessman" Bob Musella to get inside Pablo Escobar's 1986 drug trafficking scene.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston offers interesting perfective to the Jay Z vs Nas debate

HBO premiered their new film All The Way starring Bryan Cranston and Anthony Mackie in New York City Tuesday evening.

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Along with 12 other celebrities, “Breaking Bad”‘s Bryan Cranston sat down with W magazine’s The Scene to give his own dramatic rendition of Drake’s mega hit, Hotline Bling. Towards the end, Cranston goes into Walter White mode to leave you with some serious goosebumps. Amy Schumer and Kristen Wiig also gave memorable readings of the song. […]