As an old Sesame Street song’s lyrics go, “One of these kids is doing his own thing”. The Huffington Post is reporting that Lambda Theta Delta, a…

Beyonce has posed in “blackface” for L’Officiel Paris magazine. The African-themed photo shoot pays tribute to the legendary Fela Kuti and is featured in the mag’s March 2011 issue, which also celebrates their 90th anniversary. Kuti, the Nigerian musician and human rights activist, was reportedly a large influence on Beyonce’s upcoming fourth album. While “blackface” […]

Blackface, despite all its negative connotation and proven degradation, has appeared on the pages of Numero magazine’s latest issue. But this isn’t the first time. Blackface has become the latest (and most disturbing) of all fashion editorial trends. If it meant never having to see it again, we’d willingly put our better judgment aside and […]