Houston has some super talented underground artists. Check out this new one by Big Fatts called “Box.” The name kinda has a ring to it, right? LOL

Man! This year’s Hip Hop Experience 2 was AMAZING! They had everything from graffiti artists, to cyphers to B-boys. Check out some photos from the event!

Word up! It’s Amir Diamond and I am still on a natural high from this local showcase I went to Thursday night. What’s interesting is that I almost didn’t get a chance to witness all of this greatness that took place on one stage. I was invited by Suzie Bougie TV to attend one of her […]

WOAH! Talk about perfect timing; just when the city of Houston was claiming 2014 to be the year of dope new things, Track Whippaz dropped something special on “Da First Of The Month,” just in time for the New Year! I’m feeling every track on this EP and it’s currently on repeat. If this tape […]