Are bath salts back to wreak havoc on society? There’s no sure fire answer to that question, but a man in New Jersey exhibited behavior similar to those made famous during the zombie apocalypse. Source

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via: The cannibal attacks continue. And now they are happening overseas, according to the New York Daily News. See More

Authorities are cracking down on businesses that sell ingredients that could be used to make the synthetic drug known as bath salts. In recent weeks…

CNN’s Don Lemon talks to recovering addict Freddy Sharp about the horrible side effects of using the drug called bath salts. You may recall a recent story about Rudy Eugene from Florida who was gunned down after eating the face of a homeless man. It was later alleged that he too was a user of […]


Be it just before that time of the month, a family life that just won’t slow down or a job that’s got you run down, it’s the perfect time to sneak away and do a little something for yourself called Spa Day at the homestead. Alone-time really does wonders to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul so pop your […]