Barbara Walters named the former Olympian the Most Fascinating Person of 2015 on her show, 10 Most Fascinating People.

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An image allegedly depicting first daughter Malia Obama is causing a stir on the Internet. In the Instagram image that surfaced Monday night, the 16-year-old…

Barbara Walters doesn’t know what’s in store for “The View” now that Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are leaving. ABC explained the cast changes by…

“The View” is gearing up to honor the long-time journalist and television legend Barbara Walters’ in light of her retirement. It was announced by ABC in a press release that they are going to bring back ALL 11 FEMALE co-hosts from back in the gap to present to wish Ms. Walters a pleasant farewell! What […]


An all new season of Oprah’s Master Class is on deck and set to hit May 11th! There’s sure to be some interesting life lessons, stories, testimonies, and break throughs on behalf of Whoopi Goldberg, Tim McGraw, Robin Roberts, Billy Bob Thornton, Barbara Walters and more! I will surely be tuned in!  

According to RadarOnline.Com, Jay Z was one of 3 celebrities who turned down Barbara Walters for her annual “Most Fascinating People” special. Find out WHO ELSE allegedly turned down the TV legend’s offer HERE: READ MORE.

The Kardashians’ rise to super-stardom and mega-wealth was a bit of a surprise to everyone seeing how not one of the sisters or even their outspoken mother have any form of talent. Kim Kardashian’s bare bottom spawned a slew of successful events that would normally render any woman, black-listed  and banished from all media. When […]

Barbara Walters‘ use of the n-word during a discussion on “The View” on Monday about the offensively named hunting camp where Rick Perry entertained guests sparked a debate over who can and should use the word. Whoopi Goldberg used the word first, to give the name of the lodge, “N—–head.” (How long the camp was […]


Pop sensation Justin Bieber is continuing to solidify his presence in Hip-Hop by showing the world he has swag. During an interview with Barbra Walters, Bieber not only showed fans that he could “dougie”, he also showed journalist Barbra Walters how to do it. Beiber, who is known for claiming Drake as his brother, must have […]

Should Whoopi Goldberg be worried about her job? Whoopi ticked off Barbara Walter’s on today’s episode of “The View.” The ladies were having a conversation about the increased security being implemented at airports. Whoopi Goldberg felt that the TSA agents need to be trained in a different method for patting down children. “I think you […]

Monique says the secret to longevity in her marriage is to allow her husband, Sidney Hicks, to stray.