Several fans and friends came to the Homegoing service of Atlanta rapper, Shawty Lo. The word is that the homegoing service was very lit on Friday (September 30) with the rapper’s funeral service including a pit stop at his favorite strip club, “The Blue Flame Lounge.” Alledgedly, Shawty Lo was posting pictures from The Blue […]


Shawty Lo suffered an untimely death in a fiery ATL car crash earlier this week.

I’m usually not that big of a fan when it comes to club songs, but I kinda like this Big Will “Dabb On Em” just cause I know how to do the dance. LOL Now, I admit… it was a bit of a struggle when I was first introduced to the ATL dance move, but […]

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Amidst rumors that a sequel to the 2006 hit film ATL was in the works, T.I. finally confirmed that there will be an ATL 2.…

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T.I. says he wants “ATL 2″ just as much as the fans do! In a recent interview at the Radio One and Frequency News urban artist…