It’s officially a tradition!  Every year I’m bringing you “Silly Faces with the Celebrities”!!! Check out these crazy pics below!

  With the internet being the main source of music consumption, it’s a lot easier than before to have a wack album in your possession.…

I have clearly never been on the set of a music video before, much less, be in one, but I swear this was one of the best experiences of my life!!! Long hours and grimy conditions were a part of the process, but I swear when you see the finished product of a great project […]

The performers for the 2010 Hip Hop 4 HIV Concert on July 31st have been confirmed! Check them out inside!

GALLERY: Sex Advice From Your Favorite Artists By Shamika Sanders   Via: Is anyone out there faultering in the bedroom? Are you not getting your Fred Flinstone on and not making the bed rock? Is foreplay (ladies and gents!) not quite your thing? You don’t need a sex-therapist or sexologist, just take heed to […]