The highly anticipated sequel lands on March 5, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

The sequel to the film arrives 32 years after the original classic and most of the cast are evidence that Black doesn't crack.

Rumors of a Coming To America sequel have wafted around Hollywood for years, but it looks like Paramount Pictures is making it happen. Coming To America is one of those time-tested classics that has a beloved spot in movie-night rotation. Now, fans of the original are one step closer to revisiting Zamunda. According to The […]

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It’s almost been a year since the world lost one of its greatest musical talents, when icon Prince passed away unexpectedly last spring. During the early stages of his death there were many rumors and gossip flying around about his actual cause of death and usage of drugs, with former singer and Prince protégé Sinead […]

It’s interesting because people can never figure out my race (solely by listening to me on the radio). Some think I’m Hispanic, others think I’m from Pakistan. SMH Growing up, I often got criticized for “talking white;” we need to stop using that analogy. It perpetuates a stereotype that Blacks aren’t expected to sound educated. Take […]

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On Friday, September 16th, music student and father of four Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by Officer Betty Shelby of the Tulsa Police Department despite being unarmed, fully cooperative with police and having committed no crimes. Monday, the video of his unlawful death was released and thousands have taken to social media to voice their anger, sadness, […]

O'Connor is unfazed by the lawsuit, jumping on Facebook once again to make a statement.

The former talk show host filed a $5 million dollar defamation lawsuit against the Irish singer.

Former President Bill Clinton has been called one of the greatest presidents this country has seen. Not only was he the first POTUS to be born…

Fans of Arsenio Hall‘s rebooted late night talk show will have to hit their DVRs for old episodes because “The Arsenio Hall Show” was canceled…