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Me and my bestie are always looking for the next great adventure! This year we found it in Natural Bridge Virginia! Check out our first ever safari and all the wonderful creatures that we came across!    

Finally Spring has arrived!  One of my favorite springtime activities is a fun day at the zoo with my daughter Alani!  But let’s keep it real for a second.  Fun sometimes equals broke!  How can you save money and get into the zoo for FREE?  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

The owner of the four pit bulls who mauled a 4-year-old boy to death last week is now facing murder charges.

A drunk woman who was mauled by a tiger after sneaking into an Omaha, Nebraska zoo last week may lose part of her hand.

A dog’s loyalty has always been a sense a pride for anyone who’s owned one, and we now know that dedication goes to the grave.

Little Royalty lights up her daddy’s life. Chris Brown and his mini-me hit the zoo together on Friday, kicking off their weekend with some of the most adorable pictures we’ve seen of the daddy-daughter duo so far. Holding her tight while they said hello to a giraffe, Breezy looked like he needed nothing more to […]

Lion Lives Matter. You absolutely can’t pretend to be Cecil The Lion for Halloween without getting ripped a new one on social media. Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson found out the hard way when she showed off her hot new holiday costume on Instagram, along with the following caption: “Help! Can’t decide on my Halloween […]

F*ck yeah, it’s Shark Week. The first Shark Week premiered on July 17, 1988, and since then…nothing’s been the same. Year after year, people around the world mark…

The Lone Star state was declared #7 most “Puppy Loving” U.S. state, according to the Milk-Bone Doggy Love Index. With Valentines Day around the corner, it…


Hey, It’s @JJOnTheMic! Me and my baby girl enjoyed the first Rio movie and I’m thinking about taking her to see the sequel this weekend! Check out the goofy trailer here: