This might be the world’s biggest pit bull!!! At 17 month old he weighs 174 lbs!!! Check out the video below!  

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you leave the house?  Well this poor pup has separation anxiety, and after watching this you might think twice before you leave your pet at home alone! Check the video out below! @DJBRyte

OMG who does this?!?!?! Justin Bieber’s dad is in the hot seat for throwing Justins pet Bulldog Karma off a second story Balcony! According to TMZ the dog who was living with Justins dad needed some training, especially after it bit Justin’s brother. Dog trainer Trevor Dvernichuk told TMZ that Bieber’s dad grabbed the dog and threw him […]

Rapper Tyga is a little sad right now considering his pet was recently taken away from him. The Young Money rapper owns a pet tiger.…