Angela Rye shares her prediction of Election Day and what people should expect after this election season. 

Now this is a couple we are happy to see work things out and it looks like therapy is to credit for Common and Angela Rye getting back together.  Common spoke about how going to therapy helped him become a better man and partner. via: TheYBF “I think being able to go through situations where […]

March is Women’s History Month and we’re celebrating 31 different women over the month, spanning the worlds of entertainment, politics, local, global and beyond. Entry number 13 on our list may seem like your homegirl or your best friend, only if that best friend could tell you about all of the foul things going on in […]

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  During the course of the nightmare that is the Trump White House, there have been political commentators from all party affiliations giving their take on exactly what’s going on. However, one voice among them has stood out and that happens to be from everyone’s favorite “cousin” Angela Rye, who is teaming up with BET […]

"Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes, MSNBC's Joy-Ann Reid, political commentator Angela Rye, and Circle of Mothers founder Sybrina Fulton all made the list.

Democratic consultant and political commentator Angela Rye referred to former Rep. Joe Walsh as a "bigot" Wednesday during a CNN segment for tweeting that the bar was lowered for Barack Obama because of his Blackness.

The all-Black panel got into a heated debate about HBCUs and Trump's proposed 2018 budget, which forced Rye to quote Outkast.


Bold, clear and unapologetic, the talent in the list are champions in upholding the legacy of Black excellence.

CNN’s fierce political talking head said that the incident was “traumatic,” and that “the TSA grabs p__s like Donald Trump.”

The animated pundit wasn't here for folks asking about President Obama's Harvard transcripts, so she channeled her inner Bey to deal with the nonsense.

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By now it seems that a large majority of the country is totally over Donald Trump’s antics and overall ridiculousness. However, if you’re a political commentator on CNN and you’ve had enough of the Trump talk what do you do? Well if you’re Angela Rye, you let your eyes say everything without you actually having […]


The school choice battle rages on — public school proponents believe their way of implementing education is the best way, while proponents of charter schools…