Mary J. Blige’s  admission of being the victim of childhood molestation on her “Behind The Music” has triggered discussion of the connection between molestation and addiction. She survived. Many victims never come out of the downward spiral of addiction. Amy Winehouse’s Death Makes Us Think About Helping The Addicts In Our Lives Victims of rape […]


3-Year-Old Child Considered England’s Youngest Alcoholic…Ever An unnamed 3-year-old child in England is suffering from the shakes due to withdrawal after it was discovered that the toddler is addicted to alcohol. The dependency is said to have been developed over a six-month period for this effect to take place. Nicolay Sorenson of advocacy group, Alcohol Concern […]

As you all know Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie Lavern Lons was featured on “Celebrity Rehab” and yesterday Frankie appeared on Fox to discuss her alcoholism, her estranged relationship with Keyshia and how she embarrassed her family.

In the past months, Mariah has been publicly intoxicated at many events and a source confirms Mariah’s drinking habits are out of control.