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Finally Spring has arrived!  One of my favorite springtime activities is a fun day at the zoo with my daughter Alani!  But let’s keep it real for a second.  Fun sometimes equals broke!  How can you save money and get into the zoo for FREE?  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

Today’s Word of the Week is #Courage –  Yǒngqì – 勇气. Alani’s #52WeeksOfPositivity #LearnChinese (Video by @gmayniac)

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I had the pleasure of spending 9 day and 7 nights in China with my daughter and her school for Spring Break. Our first stop was Beijing where we climbed a part of the Great Wall of China. My daughter seemed to be a start at the Great Wall as people stopped to take pictures […]

My daughter Alani is back at it with Alani Rocks: #52WeeksOfPositivity and this week’s word is 责任 RESPONSIBILITY

Here’s this week’s word for my #52weeksofpositivity! Smile. #week9 #learning #mandarin #chinese #positivity #alanirocks

  Here’s Alani’s work for the week for her #52weeksofpositivity! FRIENDLY. 友好. #week7 #learning #mandarin #chinese #positivity #alanirocks

Join Alani as she celebrates #52WeeksofPositivity!  This week’s word is THANK YOU. Xièxiè.

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This past weekend was full of parties and festivals for the Chinese New Year. My daughter performed at her school and did a fantastic job!  We also attended a private party for Chinese New Year and had a blast!  It is the year of the monkey but I don’t think that my daughter was too […]

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Alani Rocks: #52WeeksOfPositivity – The Word Of The Day Is GREAT!  

Alani is celebrating #52weeksofpositivity! This week’s word is #RESPECT 尊重.

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Alani Rocks: Alani Shows You How To Make A Cool Necklace At Home! [For KIDS!]    

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  Alani Rocks: 52 Weeks of Positivity – LOVE – Learn Chinese Words and Stay Positive All year! #Week2