2016 Presidential Election

The ninth meeting of the remaining Republican candidates got zero to 100, real quick.

The moderator shocked audiences when she flipped the script and asked about White people's issues in this country right now.

The Senator is under fire for not keeping it plain regarding issues that directly affecting Black Americans at "A Community Forum on Black America" event.

The Republican Presidential frontrunner has been heavily criticized for using racism and xenophobia to incite the conservative base.

The prestigious newspaper declares that Clinton’s vision for America directly falls in line with their beliefs.

Yet, the media barely covered the rallies for the Democratic Presidential candidate.

Two well-known White supremacists have joined the growing number of figures in support of Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

"I couldn’t do this if the family wasn’t ready," Biden said as he spoke on the White House lawn.

Any time Donald Trump steps up to the mic, you’re never sure what foolishness you’re going to get. He began his presidential campaign by immediately alienating two of the fastest growing minority groups in America, Latinos and Asians. In a recent interview with CNBC, host John Harwood, asked the former Apprentice host about his previous racist […]

With the 2016 presidential election on its way, we can’t help but think about the leading ladies poised to take over Michelle Obama’s role as FLOTUS. Our current…

A jovial Vice President Joe Biden glad-handed with admirers during an appearance Monday at a Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh.

Although he hasn't entered the presidential race, Vice President Joe Biden is polling better than most declared candidates.