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WandaVison's ViShawn

Source: Twitter / Marvel

Black Twitter is simply loaded with creative genius. The usually vanilla co-lead of Marvel’s WandaVision, Vision (last seen catching an L courtesy of Thanos), got retrofitted on social media into the more “soulful” ViShawn, and to hilarious effect.

Vision rocking a slim-fitting turtleneck during the season finale of the Disney+ series was just too easy to get those savvy with the graphics to flip the staid character into a zaddy. And it all just snowballed from there.

Ever since, Vision has been outfitted in gold chains, grown man beards, du-rags, Kinte cloth and even gold fronts. It is worth noting that Vision is a synthezoid who was created by Ultron with the purpose of destroying the Avengers and is made from Vibranium. The aforementioned metal is only found in Wakanda—the African nation ruled by Black Panther. Thus, “ViShawn” is of African descent and at least bi-racial. Yes, that was definitely thought out.

But due to Wanda aka The Scarlet Witch’s Karen on steroids-like behavior throughout WandaVision, we’re not as excited about her “LaWanda” meme. Is what it is.

But considering history, this was all to be expected, right? Chris Evans stays getting the Black Twitter just for existing, and it’s usually damn funny.

It’s all fun and games, but just don’t OD on any reckless stereotypes, though. We’re also glad to be seeing more Vision—maybe, no spoilers—in the forthcoming MCU films.

Peep some of the more comedic takes on ViShawn J’arvis the Avenger in the gallery.

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