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Donald Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower

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President Donald Trump has mastered the fine art of keeping the cameras rolling whenever he speaks and has even managed to ensnare some Black celebrities and public figures with his poor politics. With Ice Cube one of the more recent Black stars to shake hands in a sense with the former business mogul, Hip-Hop Wired is taking a look at others who have also broken bread with the allegedly contagious comrade.

Names like Kanye West, missing edges queen Candace Owens, Diamond and Silk, and Steve Harvey should be what most will expect to see. But there are plenty of other folks who got down on the Trump train for some odd reason.

Sure, the angle many promote is that Trump’s a “straight shooter” who “tells it like it is” and his bullying ways translates into exhibiting a sense of power to his legion of supporters.

Getting closer to the truth, however, Trump is full of baseless bombast, spouting firm support of unproven conspiracy theories that only serve to rile up his already loyal base who blindly follow him to political doom.

And for the Black folks who align themselves with Trump, it baffles the mind why they would put themselves next to a virulent racist, sexist and egotistical so-called “leader” such as Trump.

It’s also disappointing that Trump continues to grovel and pander to the Black vote doing the barest of minimums and selling it as some “Platinum Plan” when in reality, most of everything that man has his hands in is fool’s gold at best.

Check out the 15 Black celebs who broke bread with or supported Trump below.

UPDATE: Honorable mentions include Ray Lewis, Chrisette Michelle, and Polow The Don. If the names keep adding up, we’ll be back to fine tune this list.

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1. Kanye West

Of the many celebrities to align with Trump, the Chicago superstar was one of the more shocking considering an earlier version of himself was critical of former President George W. Bush for his alleged mistreatment of Black people.

2. Ice Cube

To be fair to the legendary West Coast rapper, it appears that the Don Mega is trying to figure out how to get his Contract With Black America seen and heard, but sitting down with a man who absolutely doesn’t care about anyone, and especially Black folks, is a bad look.

3. Diamond and Silk

To this day, the dynamically daft duo of Diamond and Silk still makes little sense. Other than some free air time, a few plane rides, and a failed program, we can’t see the payoff for working with the coronavirus comrade.

4. Dennis Rodman

Nobody is saying “The Worm” is an astute political mind, but just last year, the NBA legend referred to Trump as a friend of his. In his defense, Rodman did blast Trump’s “MAGA” slogan in a tweet earlier this summer by quote tweeting, “Make America Safe For Minorities Again” in the wake of the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and others.

5. Jim Brown

While the legendary NFL running back hasn’t made any public utterances of late about Trump, saying that the president has his “admiration” back in 2017 had all of us scratching our heads.  

6. Candace Owens

As an Instagram commenter noted, “explains everything.”

7. Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is a certified OG and has come a mighty long way since his stand-up comedy days. But meeting with President Donald Trump was a terrible move when he did so in 2017.

8. Isiah Washington

The P-Valley actor shocked many with his still-active support of Trump. A look at his page should give you all the info you need about his political alliances. 

9. Omarosa Manigault Newman

Omarosa has long since stepped back from her support of the Trump regime, but she was a part of the administration. However, she’s been a fierce critic of the president since losing her job as an aide. That said, she knew who he was from her time on The Apprentice and still took the check.

10. Herschel Walker

This video should tell you all you need to know about the former NFL star’s politics. 

11. Paris Dennard

The GOP strategist has donned his tap shoes for Trump for quite some time, and is on tour stumping for the man right now.

12. Azealia Banks

Rapper and part-time voodoo practitioner Azealia Banks famously said she’d vote for Trump in 2016 and congratulated him on his win that fall. We’re not sure if she’s still Team Trump today.

13. Pastor Mark Burns

It appears that Pastor Burns of South Carolina is currently running for U.S. Congress and still shoe shinin’ for Trump. Like many Black leaders who felt that the Democratic Party has failed them, he jumped hard to the other side where the grass ain’t all that greener.

14. Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash might be an ageless wonder, but we’re still wondering why she became Team MAGA. She’s apparently booted off Instagram so we featured the tweet.

15. Terrence K. Williams

Williams is a comedian and author, but we’d never know it as his popular Twitter feed is full of MAGA tap dancing and comical cooning.