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J. Prince

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Well, that didn’t take long.

Youngboy Never Broke Again spent last week shouting down J Prince after the Rap-A-Lot mogul informed him that he had come in possession of items that were stolen from Youngboy’s garage.  When word got back to Youngboy, the “Make No Sense” rapper told the world, including J Prince to “mind ya f*ckin” business” when it concerned him.

“I don’t want no friends. I don’t want no new relationships. If you got something for me, I got plenty of n*ggas around me you can call,” YoungBoy said. “Don’t get on no internet and do nothin’ publicly. Don’t …  dealin’ with no f*ckin’ publicity. None of that p*ssy ass sh*t. I’m good on them keys, gangsta. When you buy that sh*t cash, two keys come with the car anyways. Mind ya f*ckin business, mane.”

On Tuesday (June 23), the OG made it clear that regardless of how Youngboy felt, he was doing him a favor.

“I see you took my kindness for weakness, cause you’re a dumb boy with limited thinking ability and disrespectful,” the Houston based mogul said in the video shared to his Instagram account. “You talking slick and acting like you and your brother weren’t down with em letting it be known y’all Mob Ties connected. But I talked to your brother and I believed every word he said about you knowing because he been solid with me.”

He continued, “But you seem to be dumber than a box of rocks. What you should be mad about is the lie you living. And the weak ass security being asleep in front of your house. I bet he lied to you about being asleep. That’s free game but it probably went over your head.”


Prince declared that Youngboy was neither friend nor enemy today and hoped that the Baton Rouge rapper would keep it that way. But as far as business regarding anything in Houston? J Prince is concerned with matters not just in the city but the state as a whole.

“Texas is my business,” Prince said in the video. “And I will give you whatever you ask for, good or bad.”

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