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Power S5 Ep 7

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Tasha made a controversial parenting decision at the end of tonight’s episode of Power. It’s questionable, but it actually makes sense. But let’s bring it back to how the episodes begins. We start with Ghost waking Tariq up by putting a gun in his face. Basically, Ghost figured out that Tariq helped Tommy murder Joe Proctor and is generally tired of his bull. Tariq was shook but pretended that he wasn’t scared even thought it was obvious that he was. When Ghost applied more pressure and even told Tariq that he would make it look like Tariq killed himself due to depression in the wake of Raina’s death. Tariq really got scared and flinched when Ghost pulled the trigger only to reveal that there were no bullets in the gun. Ghost just wanted Tariq to know that he will always be smarter than him and that he is no son of his. 

 Tommy also realized that Tariq ain’t ish. He found out that Tariq stole drugs from his stash and lied about it. Tommy was obviously pissed because that could have cost him his life since Jason don’t play that, and proceeds to hang Tariq off a balcony. Tariq as shook, as he should have been. He was also shocked that his uncle would do that to him. But, that’s the game, as Tommy stated before cutting Tariq off. The thing is, he sees more of Ghost in Tariq than he wanted to, and he doesn’t like that at all. You would think that this would be a lesson to Tariq but nope, he still wants to deal. 

And then there’s Keisha. Keisha’s ride or die schtick got taken up a notch. She caught her first body last night. It was self defense, but as we know, she ain’t really about this life and needs to quit. We know this, but Keisha doesn’t, and she’s most likely going to learn the hard way. So, what had happened was, 2-Bit and Spanky are tired of Keisha tying to boss them around and putting bad ideas in Tommy’s head. They see her as a liability so they sent a goon to her shop to try to scare her and hopefully get her to skip town. The rule was not to kill her or hurt her but the goon took it too far. Keisha was strapped and shot him to death. In other words, he caught her first body. 

In related news, Ghost also paid Keisha a handsome amount of money to leave town with her son. Keisha did not do what she should have. Instead, she told Tommy that she couldn’t be in the game forever and that she wants them to get out and eventually be a family. Tommy told her what she wanted to hear and even bought her a nice house somewhere in the suburbs. We’ll see how long that lasts. Keisha obviously doesn’t really know her man. 

Now, back to Tasha, she figured out that Tariq plotted his kidnapping with Vincent, she knows he basically helped Tommy kill Proctor  and generally realizes that her child ain’t ish. Someone on Twitter compared him to Joffrey. And that’s not actually far off. 

Tasha explains to him that she knows he’s going to continue dealing drugs no matter what so she strikes her own deal. Her deal with him is that she will teach him the game but he has to stay in school and complete his education (they got him in a new private school) no matter what.

In any other world this would be lunacy but it’s Power and this is what it is. It seems like Tasha is just being a realest and in this case Tariq is a lot like Ghost when he sets his mind to something. Tasha realizes that Tariq is never going to stop selling drugs and if he continues at the rate he’s going then he’s going to get killed, like he almost did with Vincent.  

Finally, we did lose another soldier. So, let’s pour some out for Buddy. Buddy was in charge of watching Dre, whom Tommy, 2-Bit and Spanky had gotten ahold of, but Dre is a dang cat. They were going to kill him—had him tied up and everything—but tricksy Dre will not be held down so he did what he had to do again. #RIPBuddy, you didn’t deserve to get taken out, but that’s how this world works. 


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