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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood picks up from Apryl and Moniece’s face-off [*cough* over Fizz]. Moniece says she doesn’t want Fizz, but it seems like she’s jealous of Fizz and Apryl’s relationship, or whatever it is they’re doing. In fairness, Moniece is also upset because Apryl and Fizz have been making moves with her son Cam, like going on a family trip to Chicago, without telling her. That’s actually valid. Apryl still denies that she and Fizz are a thing. Basically, we’re still in the lying phase. But anyway, they manage to get past the hostility and apologize to each other for their respective transgressions. This is clearly not over. But for now, they make amends and even decide to support each other when it comes to their music. 

Apple Watts is back. She’s the resident stripper-tryna-be-a-rapper. Every Love and Hip-Hop city has to have at least one. Anyway, she’s still working on her music but she isn’t affiliated with the manager she had last year, and definitely not that man who pretended to be her father. Now she’s seeking guidance from Yoyo, who has taken on the role of rap mentor April’s mentor through the literal Yoyo School of Hip-Hop. 

Next, we find a heartbroken Lyrica is kicking it with Princess and her best friend, Sia. This is the aftermath of Jason Lee leaking that info about A1 cheating with Summer Bunni while Lyrica was pregnant. Lyrica is in tears as she laments how hurt she was. Princess chimes in and says she caught Ray J “headed in that direction” when she was pregnant so she empathizes. Lyrica has A1’s phone number blocked at the moment but he has a show coming up and Sia suggests they run up on him. That’s not this episode, but it’s coming. 

Now we’re back at the Yoyo School of Hip-Hop. Yoyo thought she was going to connect Apple Watts and Summer Bunni, not knowing what was about to happen. Basically, Apple Watts was down with meeting Summer at first, but then she recognized who Summer was. Apple and Lyrica are cool, so Apple immediately calls her out and goes into fight mode. They go back and forth for a second, but you know security got this. Apple gets removed but she’s outside yelling about how she wants to deliver Compton Fists of Fury to Summer Bunni. 

Meanwhile, Summer is standing with Yoyo, going back and forth between crying and yelling back at Apple. Yoyo is telling Summer to pull it together because she’s going to have to deal with a lot worse as her career progresses.

Blacc Chyna is in the studio with Brittany and they’re planning her music. The real point of this scene is for Blacc Chyna to encourage Brittany B to work on her relationship with her mother since they both have toxic moms in common. Brittany isn’t too sure about that though because she’s still dealing with the trauma from her mother’s crackhead-ish behavior over the years. But we’ll get back to this next episode. 

Let’s fast forward a bit. Now we’re at a party or showcase, or something. We find Misster Ray with Summer Bunni and Yoyo. We’re not sure if Apple is coming, but she probably is, because, Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, but Yoyo mentions that Summer Bunni needs to be ready in case Apple shows up. Summer starts getting all teary-eyed again talking about how what happened the other day with Apple wasn’t called for and she’s tired of people putting stuff in #TheBlogs about her and calling her a homewrecker when they don’t really know her, yatta yatta. Yoyo tells her to snap out of it, once again, then Ray J and Princess walk in. You already know that Princess ain’t feeling Summer on behalf of Lyrica.

And then…Lyrica waltzing in with Apple. That’s how the episode ends tonight. But it’s going down next week because Lyrica and Summer Bunni are going to have a war of words. 


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