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KenTheMan in the building! The Houston rapper has been bubbling for a minute with her various freestyles and tracks and with “He Be Like,” she’s already on the verge of stardom.

In her first interview with The Madd Hatta Morning Show, Ken breaks down why she takes pride in writing her bars, how her smash street single “He Be Like” came to be, why she hasn’t signed to a label yet, motherhood and whether or not she thinks ass eating is the new standard in relationships (blame Jas for that!)

Watch the full interview below!

On Her Breakingthrough And Writing Her Own Lyrics:

“I been rapping for like seven years. You know, we from Houston so we be freestyling randomly. And them first freestyles sucked but they were kind of “good” sucked, you know? I wrote my first song and it kind of sucked. I don’t know what made me go and say, “Aight let me write it” but I let my friends at school hear it and they were like, “Oh this kinda cool.” My freestyle I ever dropped … like 5-6 years ago got 100 plays in like 30 minutes and … I got good later on!

It is surprising cause it felt like a long time coming. Like when are people going to get that I’m hard? I really rap! I take pride in rapping and writing, every little period mark. I overthink and I overthink, and I want people to know all the blood, sweat and tears I put into it … to appreciate it because I’m doing this for myself really. I want people to know I put my stamp. You don’t want to make a ratchet song and it be about nothing, you want the ratchet songs to have a hard ass line or two. I want my ratchet songs to be ratchet and metaphorical. Cause I got to prove to be KenTheMan all the time and you always have that first-time listener who may say, “You sound like everybody else.” I want to mix my lyricism with ratchet-ism.”

How “He Be Like” Came Together:

“I’ma tell you a secret. I was doing Door Dashing cause I was kind of broke. I was sitting in the car and listening to beats online. I saw this “Migos beat” and I clicked it and went “oooooh.” I said I was gonna moan over the whole hook. I ain’t never heard that before and I literally wrote the song in 20 minutes. When I recorded it, the version y’all hear? I didn’t even like it. I kinda gave up cause it’s kind of hard to get my voice together in the studio. But my producer did what he had to do and next thing you know it went up! Cause when I first dropped the clip, everybody was like, “Put the record out!” And here we are.”

On The Sudden Rise Of Female Rappers In Houston:

“I feel like it started worldwide, when Nicki was running it for so long then you started seeing females get attention after her. Now when you come to Houston we got that raw sound, that aggressiveness, and sex appeal as well and I think it was an easier way for a female to emerge. It don’t suck, it made it a little easier right and once Cardi B came, it looked possible for a female to come out. It looked impossible for a minute because there was only Nicki.”

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