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Today is Michael Blackson‘s 46th birthday and we’re here to help him celebrate. One of the funniest comedians of our generation, he for some reason doesn’t get the praise we think he deserves. Just today, he hilariously defended his “homie” Ray J after Kim Kardashian claimed, after all these years, that she only took part in her infamous sex tape because she was high on ecstasy.

A baffled looking Michael Blackson curled his lip and told TMZ photogs, “That’s not fair…they dated for a while and then all of a sudden now you was high when you was with him? That’s like…my girl broke up with me, four years later she told me I’m ugly. Why wasn’t I ugly four years ago? That’s not cool…that means…Ray J got her high? Of course he’s upset, that’s like the whole Bill Cosby thing coming back again.” His comments only got crazier from there, but that’s what the wild modasucka is known for—making hilarious faces and saying super wild, and most times hilarious, sh*t.

Earlier this week, a fan hit Blackson’s DMs to ask him for some much-needed advice, for example. “Dr. Blackson how can I last longer than 5 minutes when having sex?” he wanted to know. This was the counsel Michael Blackson was moved to share with @igobybigmike and his other loyal, minute man followers:

“Spend 30 mins eating her p*ssy and her a** that way your 5 mins will feel like 35 mins to her you 5 min man beech.”

Real tears…but that’s kind of great advice right? He also will not stop making fun of that “neck n*gga” that recently went viral.

All in all, you’ve got to love Michael Blackson. In honor of his birthday, we’d like to celebrate with his many hilarious faces and a few of his happiest moments. Hit the flip to die laughing.

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