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An unlikely cards game is plotting against the president and his plans to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. If you’re thinking Uno, think again. Cards Against Humanity are the one’s trying to save the day.

The obscene game, which is many people’s guilty pleasure on a drunk Saturday night, apparently bought a plot of land at the U.S.-Mexico boarder as a way to stop Trump’s wall.

Trump’s main purpose for the wall is to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. and he even wants Mexico to pay for it.

“It’s 2017, and the government is being run by a toilet. We have no choice: Cards Against Humanity is going to save America,” a promotional website reads. According to the site, if folks pay $15 to their efforts, they’ll send “six America-saving surprises right to your doorstep” in December. They continue that on Day 1 “all Cards Against Humanity Saves America recipients will get an illustrated map of the land, a certificate of our promise to fight the wall, some new cards, and a few other surprises.”

Sounds sketchy? Yes. But considering the extremity of who we have in office, fans hopped on the promotion quickly. It’s already sold out on the website.

You can find out more about Cards Against Humanity’s plans in the video below.

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