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Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders

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The Raiders OT Donald Penn had a verbal altercation with a fan outside the faculty on Sunday after the Oakland Raiders fell to the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 30-17.
It took place as Penn was driving out of the stadium and he heard the fans screaming obscenities at the him so he got out of his car to scream back.

The one fan, Sal, wasn’t a stranger to Penn since the pair had an IG war with each other earlier in the season after Sal’s postings about Penn’s performance on the field against the Washington Football Team.
After Penn walked over security was trying to hold the fans back and the group had war of words with each other and it ended when Penn walked away and got back into his car.
Later Penn tweeted out saying, “He threw a bottle at my car but I should of stayed in the car he was tryna get me to react so he could sue me glad I took a sec 2 think.”
Carmichael Dave of KHTK radio aid that the two had a beef on Instagram where Penn told the fan to “say it to [his] face,” and the fan later told TMZ that that’s why he showed up to show Penn that he wasn’t a bi**. That he was a grown man and not a bi**.
The fan denied the bottle throwing took place and said that with the amount of security around there’s no way that took place. He also said that he wasn’t looking for a payday too, but there’s a posting that shows the fan Sal¬†talking about getting paid.
Donald Penn’s wife is even hitting up Twitter showing concerns about their little kids saying, “Thank god we always keep our kids protected and out of hard way because of things like this!! They are always first.”
The fan Sal is cool with squashing their differences, but he said he didn’t need it.

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