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Scandal is back this week, woohoo!

Last time we checked, Cyrus is still locked up for allegedly killing Frankie Vargas, but the episode opens with Jake and his wife, Vanessa, watching current events on the news aka, updates about the president-less nation that will most likely be led by Mellie Grant with Jake as VP. Jake is unhinged and goes off because he claims he doesn’t want to be Olivia’s puppet. Vanessa gives him a pep talk, and says that once he’s VP, he will no longer be anyone’s puppet and that he could still eventually go on to become president and live up to he true potential. Gotta love a good ego boost, and Vanessa’s desire to be a good wife, even if it’s not true. Later on, we learn that they’re having marital issues (the brunt of it is that Vanessa thinks he’s sleeping with Olivia), and Liv is doing due diligence to cover up Vanessa’s public drunken shenanigans (behavior that could put a presidential campaign in jeopardy).


Finally, Olivia and Vanessa have their major show down. Drunken Vanessa accuses Olivia of sleeping with Jake, but Olivia threatens to lay her out if she doesn’t stop with the crazy talk. Vanessa apologizes, but demands to know who Jake is cheating with because she saw him texting a woman on election night right before he randomly left (she knew it was a woman because she was all up in his phone). Vanessa noted that Jake was gone after they lost, which was before Vargas was shot. Olivia perks up, because now we’re talking.


Now let’s cut to where Jake actually went. Jake went to go chat with Papa Pope, who called he and Olivia losers. Papa Pope informs him that “the world is about to be righted again,” and when that happens, Jake will be Vice President.

Lawd, say it isn’t so…but it probably is.

The gladiators are on the case, investigating where Jake ran off to that night. You know where this is going. In the next scene, we see covering Jennifer’s face, because it’s about to be a murder scene, and then rigging her cabin to blow up.


Now we get to the real juice. Olivia finds out (via Jake) that Rowan Pope created an offshore account in her name and set it up to look like Olivia paid Tom Larson to frame Cyrus for killing Frankie (Jake was the one who found out about the account and thinks that Olivia is being a snake). Olivia confronts her father, but instead of giving her answers he just tells her to be happy with the fact that Mellie is about to be president and to stop asking questions she doesn’t really want the answers to. Here we go with this again.


Later on, some random woman confronts Papa Pope and tells him that Olivia Pope is expendable and basically threatens her if she oversteps her boundaries. And we’re all like, huh?


To Papa Pope’s credit, he does not take kindly to this woman threatening his daughter, but it’s clear that this is bigger than Papa Pope or Nino Brown, for that matter. Like…Papa Pope has a boss.


Finally, we find Jake driving Olivia somewhere, and acting shady as heck. He won’t tell her where they’re going and makes us even more nervous when he throws her phone out the window. Olivia tells Jake that she’s not involved with Frankie Vargas’ murder, that her father set up the account, and that now she’s in too deep because if she tries to help Cyrus then she goes down for trying to set him up. Jake finally starts talking, as he walks her into a field that eventually leads to a cabin, and tells her that she lost control of the situation by getting in the car with him.

Jake reveals that their father told him to kill Jennifer so he did. He says that he followed their dad’s order to a tee because that’s what he does as the Pope family pet. And then we discover that Jennifer is not dead because she walks out and greets them.


Shonda Rhimes and her team have managed to give us yet another near stroke. Next week we will hopefully find out whatever the heck is going on.


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