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Selena Quintanilla

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On December 2, 2016, Selena’s father filed a lawsuit against his former Son-in-Law, Chris Perez, tow production companies, one of which is solely owned by Chris Perez.
The lawsuit was set in motion in order to stop Chris Perez from turning his book, ‘To Selena, With Love,‘ into a TV series he has with his own production company, Blue Mariachi and Endemic Latino N.A., Inc.

Last Friday, Perez’s attorney was in court arguing that the TV series was his free speech rights, but that wasn’t enough for the judge because he denied the motion to dismiss the case against Perez and the other parties named in the suit.
The means the judge’s ruling is going to allow Selena’s father to continue with the lawsuit against Chris Perez and the other parties involved.
According to the lawsuit, “On May 31, 1995, Defendant Perez and Plaintiff among other, entered into a written Estate Properties Agreement regarding the estate of Selena” and Perez signed this agreement two months after Selena’s death.
The signed document was set in place so that Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla owns the rights to his daughter’s everything… her name, her voice, her signature and her likeness. And the TV series that Perez wants to do is breaking that contract that he signed back in 1995.
The document was also set-up where Perez will receive 25 percent of the net profits of anything that is in Selena’s likeness.
And it was reported that Perez has received more than three-million dollars since her death in 1995.
There comment on why the book that Chris wrote in 2012, was not mentioned in the lawsuit along with the TV series that was going to be based off of the ‘To Selena, With Love.’
This legal setback for Perez means that production needs to cease and desist.