15. Protected DREAMers from being deported

14. Recognized the dangers of carbon dioxide

13. 1st sitting President to visit Hiroshima, Laos, The Artic, and a federal prison

12. 1st President to support same-sex marriages

11. Strengthened Women’s Right to Fair Pay

10. 1st President to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

9. Protected LGBTQ Americans from employment discrimination

8. 1st President to support same-sex marriages

7. Rebuilt & fortified the Gulf Coast post-Katrina

6. Expanded overtime pay

5. Normalized relations with Cuba after 50 years

4. 1st President to serve two terms with no scandals at all

3. Cut the federal deficit from 9.8% GDP to 3.2%

2. Won major victories against housing and mortgage discrimination

1. 1st African-American President in the history of The United States Of America


We can’t say thank you enough to President Barack Obama for everything he’s done during his presidency! You will truly be missed.

via: Washington Monthly

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