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Smiling Red Pit Bull Terrier

Source: Hillary Kladke / Getty

It was at a shelter in Kirby, Texas when Kiah, a pit bull was first discovered by Brad Croft.
Croft is the operations director for Universal K9 in San Antonio, Texas and when he met Kiah, he just knew he wanted to help her.
Here is the organization’s story as listed on their Facebook page:
Universal K9 started as a for profit company in 2010 quickly realizing the greater mission. In early 2012 Universal K9 started saving dogs, training them and donating them to Law Enforcement Agencies nationwide! Universal K9s program is a triple win, saving dogs, to help law enforcement protect our communities all while saving tax payer dollars. To date Universal K9 has saved and placed hundreds of fully trained police dogs making the success of this program more than any other non-profit in this space. Unlike other programs, Universal K9s courses are APPROVED by the State Approving Agency making our training a step above any other Law Enforcement K9 training organization in Texas.
“From what I saw, I just couldn’t believe that she survived it, but she did,” Croft said.
This was a comment that Croft made about Kiah when he first met her because when he saw her she was a scared dog hiding in the corner.
Kiah was scared for a reason too, she was recovering from an injury to her skull. This was brutal attack on her and she was already an abused animals to, but the hit was done with a hammer before she arrived at the shelter.
That was all he needed to see, so Croft took Kiah home to San Antonio to train and sure, it took her a little longer then usual, but considering the situation she came from, she did pretty well.
He later said that she was a fast learner and “gifted” dog who was ready to work.
“If we were to have some kind of contest, she would outwork [the other dogs] all days of the week,” Croft said. “This dog is crazy good.”
It was after Kiah was trained that the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department contacted Croft asking for a K9 officer to work with them.
That was her break, Kiah was their K9 and she was sent to New York and she’s become the first Pit bull K9 Officer.
Kia now works with her partner, Officer Justin Bruzgul as a narcotics and missing persons detection dog.
She also received the ASPCA Public Service Award in New York City too.
“These awards recognize not just the heroism of particular animals, individuals, and organizations, but the incredible bond between people and their animas,” said ASPCA president and CEO Matt Bershadker. “That connection between people and pets is so strong that when you commit to helping one, you’re almost certainly helping the other.”
Since Croft rescued Kiah, he partnered up with Animal Farm Foundation, a non-profit corporation that helps to reduce and give homes to animals. They have also placed 20 pit bulls in different police departments across the country too.
“They’re just good, good dogs. The Achilles heel is the stigma,” Croft said. “She’s so friendly, she wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

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