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The Walking Dead made its triumphant return this past Sunday, 17 million tuned in just to see who was the poor unfortunate souls that Negan beat to a bloody pulp (whispers Glenn and Abraham). The Walking Dead was also the no.1 most watched show on broadcast cable that night.


The Walking Dead is no stranger to graphic violence but this episode really wanted introduced the sinister character of Negan to television world properly. We were treated to what was one of the most gruesome death scenes in The Walking Dead’s television history as we watched Negan bash Glenn and Abraham’s heads to a bloody pulp. Fans of the comic rejoiced as it literally brought one of most tragic deaths from the pages of the comic book to life.


Unfortunately there are those who felt The Walking Dead officially “took things too far!”


The Parents Television Council is condemning the latest episode of The Walking Dead after witnessing Negan’s brutal form of punishment. In an interview with THR (The Hollywood Reporter) the president of the PTC, Tim Winters said this about The Walking Dead:

Last night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead was one of the most graphically violent shows we’ve ever seen on television, comparable to the most violent of programs found on premium cable networks,” Winter said. “It’s not enough to ‘change the channel,’ as some people like to advocate, because cable subscribers — regardless of whether they want AMC or watch its programming — are still forced to subsidize violent content. This brutally explicit show is a powerful demonstration of why families should have greater control over the TV networks they purchase from their cable and satellite providers


Now yes we must agree the violence on the premiere was turned up a notch but was it surprising? NO! Seriously though, Tim and the parents that are complaining have not been watching The Walking Dead for the previous six other seasons. If they were they would have seen this:


Oh and this:


This too:


Yup and some more of this:


Now we are not sure what show Tim Winters and his band of righteous parents have been watching for years but it clearly wasn’t The Walking Dead. Winter’s went as far as to even state that the show deserves a harsher rating than it’s already well deserved MA rating.

When you look at definition of MA and what content of the show is, it’s unquestionable they chose what best represented the content,” Winter said. “This certainly raises question of if there should be an even more severe rating than TV MA. I understand violence is inherent to the storytelling here but the manner in which the depictions were made … it crossed the line.


Executive producer of The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero defended the episode and spoke to about the “fallout” about it.

It’s unfortunate that people want to take a negative spin on it because as far as I’m concerned I’m dedicated to watching a show to see where it goes next,” Nicotero said. “That means we have done something to affect these people in a way they don’t necessarily know how to process


Now we don’t like to tell adults how to raise their own kids but we think maybe they should do their job as parents. Maybe it’s time to hold themselves accountable for their bad parental skills allowing their children to watch an adult show instead of blaming everyone else.

Just a thought!

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Oh and we will be tuned in next week and we hope it’s just as violent!🙂

Stay Fly!



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