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Black love is a thick phrase that comes loaded with imagery. You can envision brown people curled in embrace, limbs locked in unity. You can see a couple, heads bowed in prayer with shared hope. You can see whole-hearted laughs and agile hips, dancing during family reunions and weddings. You can see comfort and head wraps, line-ups and loyalty–commitment baked into soul food.

Black love is “fight the power.” Black love is proud and gifted. Black love is music and a strong bass beat. Black love is a community covering.

Black love, in all its elegance and beauty, is defiant. A visual testimony of what it looks like to thrive when many pivotal moments in history were positioned against our prosperity. From the barbaric years of slavery to the modern day incarceration pipeline, Black love is a protest against systematic separation.

Black love is an example of what “don’t quit” looks like in human form. Black love was fought for before any couple who meets today even begins to journey together in this life.

In celebration, HelloBeautiful kicked off the pilot episode of our new series HelloBeautiful Presents: Black Love featuring three couples at three different stages in their relationships. Over cocktails and lots of laughs, the couples shared their memories of their first dates and first encounters. The series and the memories shared are a testament to the beauty of love in an often challenging social climate.

And that’s why it’s imperative that we continue to fight for it, nurture it and sop it up in its sweetness. Because it’s not as much about color as it is about community. Rebuilding foundations that were stolen from us and replacing them with a new story of partnership and growth.

Black love remixes the narrative. We are strong. We work together. We love together.


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