Ghost finally returns back to the hotel from his “jog” and Tasha is waiting to make his life absolutely miserable.

Ghost listening to Tasha Power Season 3, Episode 306

Tasha breaks down how she had to deal with Angela being so in love with Ghost by answering text messages from her all day. Ghost takes his phone back from Tasha and goes over the messages and he is impressed that she sounded just like him.

Tasha tells him well it was easy for her cause it’s basically the same way he used to talk to her.

Power Season 2, Episode 9

Things quickly shift as Tasha has some news to report to Ghost from home and it’s not good. Looks like Riq tried to runaway while staying with her mom.

Tasha tellis Ghost Riq tried to runaway Power Season 3, Episode 306

Ghost isn’t too pleased to hear the news at all, Tasha rubs it in even more blaming Ghost for her not being there to keep that from happening. Ghost is clearly not trying to get into an argument with Tasha at all over the matters saying Tariq is just having problems adjusting to the new situation and he will eventually get over it.

Ghost then realizes that in order to keep Angela’s suspicions low he has to call her like he usually does.

Tasha listening in on the conversation Power Season 3, Episode 306

What makes this even worse is the fact he has to call Angela in front of Tasha and she has to listen to all of it. Her face during Ghost and Angela’s phone conversation is absolutely priceless.

Image (6) tumblr_mz7j93QENJ1ql5yr7o1_500.gif for post 112022

Once the phone call is over Tasha gives Ghost a round of applause for his act.Tasha is impressed with Ghost ability to lie to the ones he loves, Ghost tells Tasha he’s doing what has to be done out of necessity and that it’s all part of the plan.

Tasha is tired of that same old excuse from him and pulls out the separation papers on him.

Tasha signs the papers Power Season 3, Episode 306

Tasha doesn’t understand why Ghost is going the whole separation route and basically tells Ghost this if he leaves:


She asks Ghost if he’s ready to give half of everything? Cause she will gladly take it all. Ghost responds by saying the money is for the kids as well and that he would never back out of their deal. Tasha tells Ghost that killing Lobos is definitely not going to make his dirt go away and asks if Angela finds out what he did that she will cover for him?

Ghost always the slick one tells her the only way Angela will find out is if she opens her mouth and tells her. He knows she won’t do that because Tasha is an accomplice in the whole crime.


Tasha realizes she has lost this battle reveals to Ghost that she already signed the papers for him cause she is just is sick and tired of his mess.

Tasha makes Ghost sleep on the couch Power Season 3, Episode 306

She retires to bed, Ghost tries to jump in the bed but Tasha shuts that down quickly, she also tells Ghost that she wants a separate car for the ride back home. Ghost is not too happy about that, he grabs a blanket and pillow and takes himself to the couch.

Now poor Tommy on the other hand… It’s going to be a while before he gets over Holly.

Tommy feels guilty about Holly Power Season 3, Episode 306

In a touching scene he returns to where they dumped her body and leaves the ring he gave her. Oh man it’s going to be intense when he finds out she was pregnant.

Back at the Hotel Ghost and Tasha put on their cordial act for the big meeting with Karen and her father.

Ghost and Tasha meet with Karen and her dad Power Season 3, Episode 306

Ghost introduces Tasha to Karen and her dad but she won’t be staying for the meeting telling Karen and her dad that she has return home to the kids. We all know why she’s really leaving.


Before she leaves Ghost puts on the loving husband act with Tasha and kisses her on the cheek and tells her goodbye. Before she leaves Tasha tells him goodbye Ghost. The look on Ghost’s face though:

Ghost trying to stay calm Power Season 3, Episode 305


Annoyed at first Ghost turns his frustration into a warm smile before returning back to the table with Karen and her dad.

Ole boy Greg is still venting about the whole Lobos situation and has his suspicions as to who is the mole.

Greg things Angela is the rat Power Season 3, Episode 306

It should come as no surprise to no one that he believes Angela was the one behind all of it. Saxe isn’t buying it though telling Greg how concerned Angela was looking while everything was going down. Saxe’s mind is always in the gutter from some reason and he suggests that Greg should use the fact he got shot as a purple heart to get back into Angela’s pants.

Image (3) tumblr_mvgdmhrMYT1s99dcoo1_400.gif for post 110261

With one loose end tied up, Ghost heads back to the club to take care of another one. It’s time to get rid of Dean!

Ghost fires Dean Power Season 3, Episode 306

Ghost calls Dean into his office to tell him his services are no longer needed. Dean questions the move since he saved both Ghost and Riq and wonders why Ghost doesn’t want to keep him “close” anymore?

Power Season 2, Episode 9 Recap

Ghost laughs off the notion and tells him he doesn’t have to explain himself to Dean in the first place. There’s a bit of silence, then Dean says to Ghost you finally killed Lobos. Ghost was like:


Dean starts speaking in Serbian and tells his man to guard the door. The guard says in Serbian that Ghost has a gun in the safe. The guard then goes to the safe inputs the code and takes out the gun. Ghost looks at the guard like:

Meek Mill Shouts Out Drake During Concert

Ghost is completely confused as to what in the hell is going on in his office. Dean starts talking and the accent starts getting stronger. Dean then spits out James St.Patrick’s alias as well as all of his business and then pulls out the la loteria card he left for Ghost as a message and puts in his pocket.

Ghost finally figures out that Dean is Serbian and that everything going on has to do with Vlad and his crew. Dean tells Ghost he is interested in the shipment that he and Tommy intercepted and left for the cops to seize. Dean tells Ghost to have a seat and it’s at that exact moment Ghost realizes that Dean is the infamous Milan that Vlad was telling them about.

The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On Instagram

All that time Milan was right under his nose working for him SMH. He was so concerned about Lobos he let Milan slip right in.

So much for being free Power Season 3, Episode 306

Ghost realizes that Milan could have easily took out both him and Tommy but kept them alive for a reason. Instead of killing them Milan tells Ghost that both he and Tommy will be working for him to repay him for his lost product. Ghost can’t refuse because he knows how ruthless Milan is and what he is capable of. So much for being free and out of the game looks like Ghost is right back in the thick of things once again.


Ghost runs to Tommy to deliver the bad news that they have a new boss.

Tommy and Ghost discussing Milan Power Season 3, Episode 306

Tommy isn’t too happy to hear the news about Milan and is disappointed in Ghost for letting it happen. Tommy tells Ghost he’s not mentally ready to work for another “sicko” and Ghost says that’s exactly why they need to kill Milan. Tommy doesn’t immediately jump on-board with that idea being that they don’t really know the extent of Milan’s reach and the size of his crew.

Ghost tells Tommy they are fortunate to be alive only because Milan wants his shipment back. Tommy then asks if Ghost is going to get back into the game? Ghost tells him he has no choice. Tommy brings up the fact that Ghost now lives with a fed and that he has to lie to her every night and the only reason she took him back was because he got out of the game in the first place. Tommy makes it clear that if Angela catches him selling drugs she will turn him in.

Tommy points out Ghost's weakness for Angela Power Season 3, Episode 306

Tommy then points out that Ghost has one big glaring weakness and that’s Angela. Angela is his soft spot and the one thing Milan will use against Ghost to keep him in check. Tommy admits he still doesn’t care for Angela but says even she doesn’t deserve the kind of torture Milan would put her through if he got his hands on her.

Power Season 3 2016

Ghost has to make a decision about Angela now in order to keep her safe. He heads home to do something he really doesn’t want to do.

When he finally arrives home Angela is waiting for him!

Ghost about to make a tough choice Power Season 3, Episode 306

She clearly had a rough day with the whole Lobos situation and tells Ghost hearing the whole jet-setting across the world idea would make them both feel better. Ghost is clearly not there mentally and tells her that idea is not going to happen.

Angela asks if something went wrong with his meeting with Karen? Ghost replies that there is something wrong, been wrong and that he was too out of it to see it. He brings up the fact that Tariq ran away and that he wasn’t there and that some point his kids have to be what’s most important.

Angel trying to make sense of all of it Power Season 3, Episode 305

Angela tells Ghost she never asked him to choose her over the kids and wants to know what exactly is he saying?  He tells her that she knows exactly what he means, Angela gets defensive and brings up the separation papers. Ghost then tells her that was a big mistake on his part.


Angela has no idea Ghost is just making up this argument to keep her safe, she tries her best to change his mind. Ghost is just all over the place with this argument and Angela can’t make sense of it. He’s trying to convince her that her fantasy of them being together back when she was 15-years-old just isn’t going to happen.Angela tells him that she trusts her feelings and how she feels about him and that everything she has done for him she did for them and she would do it all over again.

Angie’s argument isn’t working at all and Ghost tells her that it’s just not meant to be.Before Ghost walks out the door on her and the relationship she asks him to tell her the truth cause she feels something is not right.

Ghost leaves Angela Power Season 3, Episode 306

Ghost tells her the truth is they just can’t be together and his decision to leave is the right decision. I know a lot of folks are team Tasha but wow that had to hurt and I definitely felt for her.

Poor Angela Power Season 3, Episode 305

Angela immediately falls to floor shedding tears as the man she fought for and put her career on the line for left her for no apparent reason as far as she knows.

On the other side of the door we get to see a side of Ghost we never seen before.

Ghost breaks down Power Season 3, Episode 306

Ghost is broken and for a split second looked to almost change his mind hearing his love Angela cry on the other side of the door. Ghost can’t fight back the tears and lets them flow, but he knows in order to keep Angela safe this is the right decision he has to make. He composes himself and turns Ghost mode back on and walks away from the door and Angela.

That scene definitely had me in my feelings like:

Image (2) crying-man-o.gif for post 110282

Damn you Courtney, damn you for messing with our emotions. We can’t wait to see what happens next week on Power!

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“Help Me”: Power Season 3, Episode 305 Recap

On The Gram: The Internet Celebrates The Death of Holly on Power!

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