It’s time to set the plan in motion! To keep the illusion that James St.Patrick is a family man both he and Tasha visit Karen’s hotel as husband and wife.

Ghost and Tasha pretending to be a happy couple Power Season 3, Episode 306

Tasha is instantly impressed with hotel and who wouldn’t be it looks like a castle. Tasha will be playing an integral role in Tommy and Ghost’s plans to take out Lobos.

Speaking of Tommy he meets up with Hugo and the two gentleman that will help him spring the frisky the drug lord from federal custody.

Tommy and Hugo Power Season 3, Episode 306

Tommy isn’t really impressed with the guys picked to assist him and he’s not too fond of them speaking Spanish instead of English. They go over the plan and Hugo shows them exactly where they will be intercepting the van carrying Lobos.

Speaking of Lobos he is being prepped to be transported to D.C.!

Lobos is about to be sprung Power Season 3, Episode 306

Knowing he’s about to be sprung Lobos is very excited about his trip. Unfortunately for him though he has no idea he won’t be reaching his desired destination. He is loaded up in the van and prepped for transport by Greg. With Lobos loaded up they are ready to hit the road.

Back at the office Angela, Mike and Saxe are monitoring the situation very closely.

Power Season 3

Mike of course is sending updates via text message to Hugo and his crew letting them know Lobos is on the move so they can get in place.

Back at the hotel Tasha has settled in and is living it up as she carries out her part of the plan.

Tasha living it up Power Season 3, Episode 306

Her job is to cover for Ghost while he is out on his mission to kill Lobos and honestly she has the best job out of everyone.

Image (2) Samuel-L-Jackson-Drinking-Sprite-Pulp-Fiction.gif for post 108427

Her peaceful moment is interrupted by a knock on the door. She gets into character throwing on robe on to see it’s none other than Karen.

Tasha talking to Karen Power Season 3, Episode 306

Karen being the consummate host that she is stops by to make sure they are situated and if they need anything. Tasha lets her know that everything is perfect. She points out that Ghost is in the shower and asks Karen if she wants her to go fetch him? Karen tells her it’s alright and that she will talk to him in the morning. She leaves Tasha some room service, compliments of the house of course and Tasha gladly accepts it.

Tasha definitely taking advantage Power Season 3, Episode 306

Tasha is holding down her end of the plan very well! She goes in the bathroom and opens up the shower door to reveal that Ghost isn’t even in there of course. She turns off the shower with a lovely smile on her face.

We check back in with Greg and Lobos and he’s being his usual freaky self.

Lobos messing with Greg Power Season 3, Episode 306

Lobos is basically counting down the minutes till he is sprung from the van but until then he has some fun with Greg. He puts his leg over Greg’s leg and asks him to massage his calves, Greg isn’t here for Lobos shenanigans at all of course.

Image (4) mj-laughing.gif for post 108685

Taunting Greg he asks Greg how lucky is he to have the honor of him escorting him, Greg lets Lobos know that he requested the job. Greg then points out that he doesn’t get why it was so easy for Lobos to decide to turn rat and flip on everyone? Greg unfortunately doesn’t know that this was all a part of Lobos and Mike’s plan to help him escape. Lobos tells Greg that he pities him and Greg replies that he pities him because he will be going away for a long time along with Ruiz and Ghost. Lobos replies by telling Greg he doesn’t know either of them.

Tommy and Hugo are getting ready for the approaching van. Tommy lays out the road spikes to disable the van from moving by blowing out all of the tires.

We zap back in the van and Lobos tells Greg he’s bored, Greg replies that he is also bored and at the moment the van rolls over the spikes. So long boredom cause thing’s are going to get exciting for all folks involved quickly.

The van loses control after all the tires blow out forcing Lobos to ironically end up in Greg’s lap face first. The van is quickly surrounded by Tommy and Hugo’s henchmen. An all out gun battle ensues between the agents and Tommy and his help. They easily dispatch the guards with minimal casualties leaving Greg to fend for himself.

Greg gets shot Power Season 3, Episode 306

The numbers prove to be too great for Greg to handle as he is eventually shot twice in the chest! Is this the end of Greg?

Image (2) tumblr_inline_n52vagTnA01rkxgul.gif for post 107538

Tommy cuts off Lobos gps tracker while Greg just lies on the ground with a mouth full of blood watching Lobos get away. Lobos is almost a free man again, Tommy decides to drive the get away vehicle underneath a bridge to avoid the helicopters from spotting them. Li

What Lobos doesn’t realize is that this is the part where things go terribly wrong for him. Hugo’s henchman doesn’t like the deviation from the original plan and begins to complain about it. As soon as he does a bullet flies through his skull that bullet coming from Ghost’s gun of course.

Tommy points his gun at Lobos Power Season3, Episode 306

Lobos doesn’t even look the least bit startled after seeing his boy get shot. Tommy turns and points his gun at Lobos asking Lobos if he thought he didn’t know he was going to kill him anyway? Lobos responds to Tommy in Spanish telling him more or less.

Ghost talking to Lobos Power Season 3, Episode 306

The backdoor of the truck opens and it’s Ghost and he says hola to Lobos.

Back at the Federal Building things are hectic with all that’s going on with the Lobos situation. Angela’s mind is beginning to wander now and her intuition is kicking in.

Angela checks in on Ghost Power Season 3, Episode 306

She decides to text Ghost in the wake of all that is going on to see exactly where he is and if he as far away from this situation as possible. Of course we all know otherwise, she texts Ghost and asks him if he arrived at his destination safely?

We know Ghost doesn’t have his phone so how is this gonna work? How will this help his alibi? Well that’s where Tasha comes in again.

Tasha pretending to be Ghost Power Season 3, Episode 306

Not only is Tasha covering for Ghost at the hotel she is also covering for him when it comes to keeping Angela from becoming suspicious. Tasha pretends to be Ghost replying to Angela’s text to Ghost. Tasha even jokes and asks if Angela has a job? Because she is texting James so damn much.

With Angela handled Tasha then calls downstairs requesting a shoe shine for her “husband”. She goes in his bag to get his shoes and makes a startling discovery.

Tasha finds the separation papers Power Season 3, Episode 306

Tasha finds the separation papers Ghost had Proctor draw up for him and she is not too happy about it. Looks like Ghost will have something to worry about when he gets back.

Ghost and Tommy have their hands full with their new prisoner Lobos.

Tommy and Ghost Kidnap Lobos Power Season 3, Episode 306

Tommy immediately jumps all over Lobos to get a little revenge for what his henchman Hugo did to Bell. Ghost isn’t here for it though and tells Tommy to chill. Lobos of course always the slick talker tries to get into the heads of his kidnappers but it doesn’t work. They tell him to start walking as they are leading to him to his grave.

Back at the Federal Building everyone is still on edge now that Lobos is free and the status of Greg and the other agents is unknown.

Angela worried about Greg Power Season 3, Episode 306

Angela is in her office thinking about the situation, Saxe knocks on the door to check on her. She tells Saxe that she is truly worried about Greg and hope that he’s okay in spite of their history.

Their conversation is halted by some commotion outside of her office.

Greg is still alive Power Season 3, Episode 306

Ladies and gentleman no need to panic Greg is still alive folks , he will live to annoy us another day on another episode.


Angela is relieved to see Greg still alive and kicking, us though… NOT SO MUCH, GREG NEEDS TO GO.

Operation kill Lobos is till in effect, but things get a bit testy.

Lobos pleading with Tommy and Ghost Power Season 3, Episode 306

During the long walk to Lobos’ grave he manages to get in the head of Ghost just a bit. He tells Ghost that in light of his death his goons will deal with Angela clearly touching a soft spot in Ghost.

Ghost having second thoughts Power Season 3, Episode 306

Ghost immediately decides to abort mission but Tommy isn’t with that idea at all. Tommy tells Ghost that they have come too far and Lobos must die and points out the Ghost should have killed Angela a long time ago. Ghost backs off and then Lobos tries to get in his head.

Lobos has no idea that Holly is dead so he tells Tommy that Hugo is with her in a last-ditch effort to prolong his life. Of course that doesn’t work either and we all know why.

Power Season 3

Now back to his senses Ghost walks up to Lobos and tells him to start walking again. Operation kill Lobos is back on track!

We head back to the federal building and Greg isn’t too happy at the moment.

Greg is suspicious about the transfer Power Season 3, Episode 306

Greg is 100% convinced that there is a mole in their ranks. He points out the precision of the grab and that they knew every single detail. We know Greg is right but somehow someway Mike manages to make him sound crazy talking about mole during this time as it wouldn’t be in the agency’s best interest to let that out.

Everyone leaves the room and Angela enters she wants to express her sympathy to Greg.

Angela talks to Greg Power Season 3, Episode 306

Greg listens to Angela but you can just tell by the look on his face he isn’t here for anything Angela has to say about the incident.

Mike on the other hand receives a phone call he really didn’t want.

Mike learns Lobos didn't make it to the drop Power Season 3, Episode 306

Hugo dials up Mike immediately pointing out the Lobos has even made it to the rendezvous point and he is beginning to worry.  This is definitely not the news Mike wanted to hear from Hugo and it looks like he’s not in the clear with Hugo telling him that.

We check back in on Tommy, Ghost and Lobos and they finally reach their final destination,

Ghost and Lobos Power Season 3, Episode 306

All their walking and talking leads them to a grave they dug for the drug lord and it’s really not to his liking. Welp that’s unfortunate cause Ghost and Tommy don’t care and are about to finally cancel Christmas on Lobos. Tommy is about to end it all till the sound of phone vibrating can be heard.

Tommy and Ghost find Lobos' Phone Power Season 3, Episode 306

It’s Mike on the other end calling the phone to find out where Lobos is. Tommy and Ghost begin to panic, they know the phone can be traced immediately to their location. They immediately find the phone on Lobos hidden inside his jacket and destroy it.

Tommy begins to worry the feds have their position and now he wants to abort the mission and kill Lobos somewhere else.

Tommy and Ghosr arguing Power Season 3, Episode 306

That triggers an argument between Ghost and Tommy as they try to figure exactly how they are going to deal with Lobos now. This is turning out to be the worst kidnapping/execution in television history.


Lobos sees this as an opportunity of course and decides to book it!

Lobos runs away while Tommy and Ghost Argue Power Season 3, Episode 306

Tommy and Ghost see Lobos fleeing and chase after Lobos into the woods. This is turning out to be more than they bargained for.

Mike is having is own problems now that Lobos is missing. He knows Hugo is going to do some terrible things to both him and his daughter if he can’t track down Lobos.

Mike requests a phone trace Power Season 3, Episode 306

Mike makes a call and tells them trace the last cell tower the phone he gave Lobos was close to in hopes this will help him locate him before it’s too late.

Back in the woods Tommy and Ghost are still on the hunt for Lobos, they know he couldn’t have gotten too far being that he has no clue as to where he is. Tommy and Ghost split up in hopes they track down Lobos before he gets away.

Lobos sneaks up on Ghost Power Season 3, Episode 306

During the search Lobos manages to sneak up on Ghost and hit him from behind. A struggle ensues between Ghost and Lobos but this was only going to go on for so long with Lobos being handcuffed and all. Ghost finally gets the upper hand on Lobos and puts his gun to his chest.

Tommy finally finds Ghost and Lobos and finds Ghost on top of Lobos ready to put some bullets into him. Tommy tells Ghost not to do it because if they leave a body it’s going to be a “shit storm”. Ghost feels otherwise and tells Tommy that Lobos needs to go now, he puts two into his chest.

Ghost kills Lobos Power Season 3, Episode 306



Tommy asks Ghost what does he want to do with Lobos body? Ghost tells Tommy they will leave him there for the vultures to have at him.


I don’t know but sometimes Ghost makes some seriously dumb decisions, why would you leave the body out in the open? Anyway mission accomplished I guess.

Finally free of the clutches of Lobos the two now discuss plans for the future.

Tommy and Ghost are finally free Power Season 3, Episode 306

Ghost expresses to Tommy that they are now finally “free” and they can do whatever they want now. Tommy doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic about his future as much as Ghost is. Tommy asks Ghost what is he going to do about his nosy security guard Dean?  Ghost tells him he’s going to get rid of him or more than likely if he has to kill him.

Ghost tells Tommy now that Lobos is gone he can start over. Tommy questions that by telling Ghost “Nigga I ain’t got no connect”. Wait did Tommy say “nigga”?

Thinking gif

Hmmm, anyway Tommy also points he has no family and he damn sure doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore either. Ghost tries to make him feel better by telling him that he will meet somebody else but Tommy insists it’s going to be absolutely hard replacing Holly.


Before Tommy leaves, Ghost tells him he’s sorry about Holly and Tommy just basically says K to him.


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