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Jennifer Lopez at the AMA's

Jennifer Lopez stopped by The Hollywood Reporter‘s ‘Awards Chatter Podcast’ and opened up about her career, the infamous green dress she wore to the Grammys, and bouncing back after her breakup with Ben Affleck.

One of the most shocking things J.Lo revealed? She hasn’t walked the streets alone in over 20 years (since filming Selena) and she gets anxiety about it.

“As I get older, it bothers me more,” she acknowledges. “When you’re young it’s like a shock at first, and you kind of have anxiety about it, but then you get used to that life and it just becomes your normal life. And now? I think when I had kids and stuff, I was like — I wanted a little more freedom to go outside and not have them have to deal with that part of it.”

Jennifer Lopez Versace Dress

She also said she had no idea the Versace dress she wore to the 2000 Grammys would be a hit.

“I had no idea. Honestly I felt like I didn’t have a good dress for that night. My stylist was just like, there is just nothing out there, but there is this dress that other people have worn before you can wear this. I was like ok, and we tried it on and when I came out actually Puffy was there and he was like, “That’s THE dress!” I was like really, and he was like yea and we just went with that dress.”

Jennifer was asked about some of the failures in her career, specifically the movie Gigli and her relationship with Ben Affleck. She opened up about how she bounced back:

“I never thought of it as ‘oh this is terrible my career is over.’ I just never thought of that. It just I knew that movie didn’t work, or that relationship didn’t work and that’s all it was and that it wasn’t going to end me, personally or professionally.

“I was going to go on and I was going to be stronger and better as one is when they pick themselves up from something terrible that happens. You just get stronger. I think that every time I’ve fallen down and made a choice that wasn’t the perfect choice and didn’t turn out great there were ten times it did. The one time I had to pick myself up made me more prepared for ten times that came after that that were great. So I don’t look at it in the same way.”

You can check the full podcast on The Hollywood Reporter.


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