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Autistic boy building with blocks

Source: Linda Epstein / Getty

Florida’s Legoland Resort has partnered up with Autism Speaks to make their resort more autism-friendly.
This new addition to the park now helps to accommodate everyone and that’s including people with special needs.
The announcement was made days before the Autism awareness day on April 2nd came about.
Karen Bacharach, the senior director of Autism Speaks told The Orlando Sentinel in an interview, “Autism Speaks applauds the efforts of Legoland Florida Resort to provide special accommodations so that guests on the autism spectrum can maximize their park experience.”
The resort is educating their staff with a bi-annual training with Autism Speaks’ staff and volunteers who will educate and train any new hires on autism.
The rooms are equipped to accommodate with “quiet rooms” for the special need families too.
You can check out the guests with disability guide is here.

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