Pregnant Woman Loses Child After Cop Attacks Her With A Stun Gun

black pregnant woman with baby

Source: Kevin Radford / Getty

Elaina Turner is now pursuing a civil rights lawsuit in July against the city of Chicago with her fiancé, Ulysses Green after an altercation with the police in front of their home in 2013. Officers Patrick Kelly, Jeffrey Weber and James Kubick came to their home to tow their van. At one point when Turner tried to retrieve her belongings from the car, Kelly rushed to her, grabbed her and used a taser on her stomach, leg and arm.

Turner was later sent to the hospital, then to prison for the night. She suffered her miscarriage later in the week. As Turner and Green began fighting criminal charges they sustained following the altercation, the two learned that the officers involved had histories of misconduct on the force including assault and false arrest. Read more at the Huffington Post.

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