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Momma Dee Is Planning Her Wedding

Momma Dee is getting remarried to Ernest, and she invites Erica to go flower shopping with her so that she can deliver the news, and ask Erica if she’d be a bridesmaid. Erica is shocked that they’re actually on good terms, and reveals that she and Scrappy have decided to settle their child support drama out of court, and they all end on a happy note…for now.

A Foxx and The Puerto Rican Princess

Tiffany Foxx meets up with Joseline to make sure she’s cool with her working with Stevie. Joseline is acting stank from jump, and telling Foxx that she has better things to do. However, we’re all confused about why Joseline puts herself on such a high pedestal, because we haven’t actually heard a Joseline Hernandez song outside of the show, but I digress. Anyway, Joseline eventually warms up to Foxx, because she respects her for coming to her directly, and tells her that working Stevie won’t be an issue, because she plans to start doing her own thing. After all the tension melts, they then start bonding over their hatred of Jessica Dime.

Later in the episode, Stevie reveals to Joseline that he’s working with Tiffany Foxx. Joseline blindsides him when she reveals that she already knew because she met with Tiff. She then tells him that she has been working with other people. He gets mad and tries to flip the script by telling her that she’s wrong in the situation, when they’re both being petty. By now we know how arguments between these two go, so of course this doesn’t end well. Stevie then gets back on that power-trippy pimp talk about how she’s going to miss him.

Momma Dee Likes Drama

Momma Dee brought her bridesmaids together for her dress shopping session. Erica, Bambi and her daughter Jasmine are among a couple of other women there. This is Jasmine’s first time finding out about the fact that her mom is getting re-married to Ernest, and no she’s not happy about this. She doesn’t even like Ernest. Meanwhile, Bambi and Erica have nothing but slick ish to say to each other. Momma Dee tells them she wants them to be down with the crown. We already know she’s off so it’s safe to assume that this whole scenario probably played out differently in her mind.

Dime Pops Off Again

Tiffany Foxx meets up at a lounge or club type place with her manager to tell her about working with Stevie. She says so far so good, and the manager is cool with it, but this meeting couldn’t go down without any drama. Jessica Dime is “coincidentally” at the same spot, so she says she’s going to talk to Tiffany Foxx (and “be the bigger woman”) to set things straight. They actually manage to have some civilized conversation at first. In that conversation, Dime discovers that Tiff has been working with Stevie and that Jazzy Pha wants to work with her too. Dime feels some type of way because she feels that Mimi hasn’t been doing anything for her. Tiffany, who is definitely the more logical one in the situation, reveals that Mimi mentioned that people aren’t too keen to work with Dime because she’s so quick to pop off. Dime then starts whining about not appreciating Mimi talking behind her back, and Tiff tells her she should work on being more professional. This really sets Dime off, and proves the point that Tiff and the producers who don’t want to work with her have already made. They start arguing, and Dime throws a drink on Tiffany Foxx before security really steps in to break things up. Dime, still willfully oblivious to that fact that she is the problem, decides that she’s going to drop Mimi as her manager. Girl bye.


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