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July 4th is a day and evening of fun fireworks, bbq, family and friends, but it’s also a celebration that is known for most pets to go MISSING.
I’m sure that makes you wonder “WHY”…  It’s simple, your pets get scared, frightened when they hear the celebratory fireworks. It sounds like mini and loud booms and it scares them like it would scare a baby.

So,  you have to know, If you’re having a party and you set your dog or cat outside than there is a chance that their fear of the fireworks will send them fleeing their homes. Their fleeing is to get away from the sounds.
“Nationwide, July 4th weekend is the busiest shelter intake time of the year. So, while many of us are celebrating a holiday, the shelters will be flooded with pets, many of which will never find they way home,” said Gregory Castle, chief executive officer of Best Friends Animal Society. “In order to avoid this heartbreaking scenario, we encourage owners to make the holiday as safe as possible for their pets.”
Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe for July 4th celebrations:
  • Keep your pets away from any live fireworks, including your own backyard if you’re party is popping firecrackers or such
  • Ensure that pets are wearing identification pet tags with your updated contacted information
  • There is an extra step to protect your pet, microchipping. This will help if their collars or tags get lost, the shelters will scan their backs for the microchip.
  • The worse case scenario- if your dog or cat does go missing, the next day, immediately start searching all the animal shelters. This is best done in person for identification.

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