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Taraji P. Henson

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Taraji made some claims that her son, Marcel Johnson had been a part of racial profiling during some traffic stops. One of those stops was when he was pulled over in Glendale, CA and that dash cam video has made it’s way to the public already.
You can watch the vid right here too… you will see how polite the police officer was the second he walked up to the window of Marcel Johnson’s vehicle. You also can hear for yourself the tone of the officer and how he never gave you any indication that he was profiling anyone.
Why did Marcel get pulled over?

Good question… he did a moving violation. Marcel was pulled over because he failed to yield to a crosswalk. The officer told him too, “remember that cross walk that was flashing yellow and that person was walking by…”
And the office did ask him a question about weed, but he said,  “I want you to be completely honest man, is there anything illegal in the car that I need to know about.”
 It was here that Marcel responded, but all you can hear is something about “prescription”.
The officer continued with, “Ok, I appreciate you being honest with me about the weed, i do appreciate that, because i do smell weed so thank you for being honest about that.”
He had him step out to do a minor search which is legal since he did admit to the Mariajuna. The officer took the weed and told him to go to court and show his prescription to the court. The officer told him that he wasn’t going to site him for the cross walk violation because that would mean that Marcel would have to attend traffic school.
The officer ends the stop with giving him a warning/an FYI about the Ritalin that he had in his car. “If you have Ritalin on you and you are not supposed to, don’t do it ok, that’s a big violation and I wouldn’t want to do that to you.”
The other incident was at USC, but so far no video of that has come out yet.