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One international scam artist has hit pay dirt with a woman who has sent him more than $1 million because she thinks they’re in love.

In a preview of an episode of “Dr. Phil,” a woman named Sarah has been duped out of an unbelievable amount as she tries to help the man she met online. After two marriages, Sarah wasn’t ready to give up on love, so she signed up for a dating a site.

Unfortunately, her online profile made her a target for a man who claims to go by the name Chris Olsen. According to her, he’s an Italian businessman that moved to the United States where he had two daughters in a previous relationship.

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She told Dr. Phil that during the course of their 17-month relationship he’s been stuck in Africa due to a string of bad luck. “I’ve sent Chris money thousands of times,” Sarah confessed.

In all, she’s wired him $1.4 million for things like bail money, hotel bills and even money for a nanny while he’s supposedly on a business trip in Africa. Despite some doubts she’s had about Chris actually being who he says he is, she’s seems far more inclined to trust him.

“I am 95 percent certain that Chris is telling me the truth, that this is all legit,” Sarah adds. “He assured me that when he gets home he’s going to pay me back every dime.”

Athough Sarah knows his voice and his text messages make her heart flutter, she’s never come face-to-face with this mystery man

“I’ve never met Chris, but I am definitely in love with him,” she assured in the clip. Her infatuation has led her to sell an apartment complex so that she could send Chris $550,000.


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