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10 Sexy NFL Football Players (thumbnail)
Warren Sapp as arrested the Monday after the Superbowl in Arizona for soliciting prostitutes.
Now it’s coming out that Sapp was no where close to getting employee of the month… far from it. There are people that work or worked for the NFL network who are all telling the same story, Sapp was a nightmare to work around.
Here are a few of the network’s “Sapp Disclaimer”, this disclaimer gave everyone instructions on how to “interact” with Sapp:
1. Don’t look Warren in the eye
2. Introduce yourself, but DO NOT try to befriend him
3. Call him Warren, NEVER call him “Sapp”
One of the Sapp supporters said, “I know certain people [at the Network] complained about the guy lot but overall he was alway cool… just unpredictable.”
While another person said, “Warren has had one too many chances to get it right, and it just didn’t work out for him. We all wish him well in the end”
TMZ also reports that Sapp’s office rep isn’t all too shocking considering that he was known as the “DIVA” while working on Dancing with the Stars. He was the problem child there.

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