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During the Mike Flori show, Flori talks about Derek Jeter’s latest.
There are talks that after Jeter’s retirement in baseball, he’s now looking into purchasing an NFL team.
Yeah, that’s right. It’s like Flori said, “Yes, Derek Jeter probably has plenty of money socked away.” “But would he have had enough to finance that 30 percent minimum that one person must own? You have to come up with cash. You can’t borrow. You have to be able to write a check for 30 percent of the purchase price.”
To put that into perspective, the team’s sale price is $1.4 BILLION dollars and 30 percent of that is over three hundred million dollars.

The real question is, who would Jeter get as investors to back his purchase? Or was baseball that lucrative because they say that Jeter earned more than $260 million during his 20-year career, not including his endorsement deals…
What do you think?