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Apollo Apologizes To Kenya Moore


After carrying on the same act for some seasons now, Apollo Nida decided to close up a few loose ends before his prison bid and fessed up to lying about Kenya Moore trying to give him fellatio, on last night’s episode of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta.” In addition, he admitted that they did not see each other in L.A. Well, well, well.

Not only did Apollo make himself look foolish, he didn’t even give Phaedra the heads up before doing it. This is exactly the kind of behavior that will make your wife skip out on your court date. Sigh.

“I apologize to you. It was a lie,” Apollo told Kenya to which she replied, “You don’t get what I’ve been through because of the things you said to your wife,” Kenya Moore. “She [said] I did these things, and they believed it. I’ve never been anyone’s whore.”

In an attempt to get the whole truth, Kenya press Apollo further. “Have I ever seen you in L.A.?,” she asked. “Kenya, you’ve never seen me in L.A.,” admitted Nida. “I know where I’m going, and I need my slate to be clear,” Apollo replied.

Phaedra is going to be pissed! Do you think she owes Kenya as apology?

Watch a clip from the episode, below:

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