Michael Vick will always be remembered for his 2007 federal charges in the dog fighting criminal act.
After Vick did his stint in prison, he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, but they weren’t the only team looking at him at the time either.
Nope! The Buffalo Bills were interested in Vick at the time too, but their contract was denied by the league (at the time).
Now, in the current time and the season, after Vick’s 5 seasons with the Eagles, Vick had his fair choices of teams that he could sign with.
One of those teams that wanted him was Buffalo, again!
Where did Michael Vick make his latest mistake?
Vick said that he did not want to be anyone’s back-up Quarter Back, but that he wanted to be a starting QB instead. Unfortunately for him, no one was offering him a starter position so he had no choice if he wanted to be in the NFL… Vick decided that the Jets was his new team.
His mistake was no choosing the Bills because by their week 4, Vick would have been their starter, not just their back-up QB.
Where is Vick now?
He’s sitting on the bench as the back-up QB!

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