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Just a month ago, it was rumored that Jay Z and Beyonce were on the brink of divorce, now the happy couple are allegedly expecting baby number two and back to robbing banks…or whatever crime spree they’re emulating during the “On The Run” tour.

Jay and Bey released, “Bang Bang,” the first clip of a trilogy directed by Dikayl Rimmasch and presented byNowness.

“Bang Bang is a trilogy of short films starring Mr and Mrs Carter’s filmic alter egos, appearing throughout their two-and-a-half month long tour, On the Run, which celebrated its finale on Saturday at Stade de France in Paris.”

If the visuals look familiar, you’re probably thinking about Jay and Bey’s super trailer for the “On The Run” tour. “On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z” premieres on HBO September 20 as well as an exhibition and screening at Clic Gallery New York on September 19.


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