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This is really a silly argument in our book. The same Black Twitter that celebrates the most limited of talents in Hip Hop everyday is up in arms over a Toyota commercial featuring legendary rapper Busta Rhymes.

What’s the issue you ask? Well it seems they believe he has sold his “Hip Hop Soul” for agreeing to take money from this particular project. Take a look at the commercial in question below!



Now to be fair….we don’t remember the last time we saw major support for one of Busta’s musical endeavors. Yet subpar artists are supported every single day out here in these Hip Hop streets. OK we concede the point that the verse Busta spit wasn’t the greatest but it’s a Toyota commercial not Total Slaughter 3!

And be clear you are talking about the same guy who has the ability to spit the way he did in the video below!



But that didn’t stop Black Twitter from commencing to drag Busta up and down their collective timelines. Take a look at a few examples below.



What’s interesting to us is, when a person tries to complain about the existence of those rappers who spit bars so stupid folks may literally lose brain cells from listening to them…they are automatically met with resistance. Often the excuse for this has something to do with the wacker artist being a “good guy.” Or even worse, the person complaining must listen to the awful artists’ “back story” and must feel sympathy for him or her.

If bars are allegedly a thing of the past..and people who actually know how to spit them still have mouths to feed and college tuition to pay for…why is it wrong for them to jump into a commercial that is sure to get people talking and that might knock out a mortgage bill or two in the interim?

Bottom line…the mainstream has been disrespecting the music in Busta’s line of expertise for years and doing it in favor of artists that are no where as skilled as is he. When asked the mainstream usually has something to say about “respecting the grind” or “respecting the hustle” of non-spitting rappers. So, our question is…how is this hustle any different?

Don’t worry…we’ll wait!



Hypocrisy you gotta love it!




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