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Khia, the rapper and self-described “Queen of the South,” is up to her same ‘ol tricks, taking two big names (for different reasons) to task on Twitter: Beyonce and Amanda Bynes.

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The embattled rapper says Beyonce is greedy and takes King Bey’s fans to task for being “weave worshippers” who “put @Beyonce before Jesus Christ & will sing Single Ladies before they will give a Single Dollar to the church,” according to Diary of a Hollywood Street King.

Interestingly, Khia attacks Bey for not conversing with fans on Twitter. While a cursory glance at Khia’s Twitter account reveals she does in fact tweet fans, Bey follows eight times as many people as Khia does… with a score of 8 to zero. (Granted, they are close friends and partners of Bey, but… still got Khia beat!)

While Khia has hit Beyonce before with allegations of stealing her work and not being creative enough to write her own songs in the past, she also found a new target this afternoon in troubled starlet Amanda Bynes:

That’s wrong!

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