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When Maya Angelou wrote the words “when you know better, you do better,” the hope is that she had the state of our hair on the brain, but all signs point to…not even close!

Whatever the meaning behind Maya’s poignant words, they perfectly frame this entry because if you don’t know or understand what your type of natural hair is, then it’s impossible to know what products to use to improve the overall look and feel of your precious mane.

If you’re the woman who turned her back on the affectionately-named ‘creamy crack’ (also known as relaxer) in favor of virgin hair then this was written for you.

If you’re the mother of a biracial child who has absolutely no clue how to work with (what appears to be) unmanageable hair then this was written for you.

If you’re the woman who’s forever worn natural hair, but wants to elevate her average, dull-looking curls to enviable, defined ones then this was written for you.

So let’s define your curly personality! (Inspired by the best marketing materials HKI’s ever seen from the natural hair care brand Uncle Funky’s Daughter)

FRIZZY = best described as hair that looks like actress & comedienne Maya Rudolph‘s. Hair is usually straight at the crown and as it gets longer becomes wavy. The wave pattern stretches into “S” shaped curls that are medium-to-less defined and hair doesn’t bounce. To bring definition to frizzy hair, try Uncle Funky’s Daughter SuperCurl Miracle ($29, which detangles, stretches and defines curls while it adds all-too-necessary moisture.


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Story Product Correction: Christina’s Pure Moist Lipstick is no longer available as mentioned in “Beauty For Breast Cancer Awareness,” however, this year Jane Iredale launched a new lip duo, Roses & Lollipops, which includes PureMoist Lip Colour in Roses and PureGloss for Lips in Lollipops. One hundred percent of the profits that come from this product will be donated to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer organization.