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For fans who are wondering what the holdup is on the Joell Ortiz album, Free Agent, Joell answered it via Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Joell spoke about his disappointment in the lack of support from his label.

“It’s crazy to be on a label that says that no one knows me but when i get outside. the car horns beep and all yall yell YAOWA!”

“Its funny cause when I tell them to let me go cause Im such a burden the whole convo changes. I dont give a f*ck”

Although Joell has two singles in rotation that are burning up radio airwaves, “Call Me” and his remix to Lloyd Bank’s “Beamer, Benz and Bentleys”, “Nissan, Honda, Chevy,” the label still feels that he is not received by fans as a “good rapper.”

According to Ortiz:

“The label asked me if I have a twitter account! Then they said I need to do something “controversial” (beef) to market myself. this is true!”

“I was told that I am marketing myself as a “good rapper” i need to be more rock n roll. I am not lying.”

Don’t think that the lack of support is stopping Joell Ortiz as he is promising fans that there is more hot music to come:

“shout to all the promoters out there that support the real and all the fans that support. I give it all on that stage every night”

“btw, we leaking another joint next week with a video WE paid for.”

With constant statements like this, the majors are gonna be on pause in a second as being independent definitely seems the way to go in 2010.